eBucks Rewards for Business

Earn eBucks for banking with FNB

eBucks Rewards for Business is a free rewards programme that gives qualifying FNB Business clients the ability to earn eBucks as a reward for banking with FNB. 

Banking App

Manage your business on the move 

Our Banking App for tablets and smartphones allows you to access Online Banking Enterprise™ easily, securely and conveniently on your device to manage your business’ financial needs, with dual authorisation of transactions and administrative capabilities.

Online Banking Enterprise™

Additional features to help manage

your business needs

Set up multiple users and dual authorisations, upload source documents to transactions with DocTrail™, use inContact Pro, manage collections, upload recipients in bulk and do SARS eFiling payments.


Make your business’ requisition and audit

process as simple as making a payment

DocTrail™ allows your business to upload and attach source documents to payments or transfers on Online Banking Enterprise™, so that managers and auditors know exactly what they were for. This “document trail” is available online for up to five years. 

Instant Accounting

Do your business’ financial reports for free

Our unique Instant Accounting solution is fully integrated with your Online Banking profile, allowing you to generate accurate financial statements and reports effortlessly.

Instant Payroll

Manage your payroll through

Online Banking

This complete online payroll solution allows you to manage your monthly and weekly payroll through Online Banking. What’s more, it’s free to all FNB Business clients.

Instant Invoicing

Automatically populate your invoices

and link them to payments

Instant Invoicing is free to all FNB Business clients. It automatically populates your invoices and links them to payments.

Business Directory

Help customers to find your business

An online information hub aimed at helping you find a business suited to your needs.


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