Celebrating more
SA business innovators than ever before

Three categories, three prizes, one awards programme:


  • The business is founder led

  • The team consists of two or more senior leaders with impressive track records and complimentary skills

  • The business is scaleable

  • The business has an innovative offering and a ‘secret weapon’/‘magic formula’

  • The business has traction; it is no longer a start-up, but can be proven product-market fit with
    a scaleable business model

  • The business is looking to transition from a small entrepreneurial team to a larger team

  • The team consists of respectful, teachable, humble leaders with a commitment to and reputation for doing good with integrity

  • The business is contributing to the reduction of low-skill unemployment in SA


  • 10X Accelerator programme: The 10X Accelerator programme is for businesses that are scaling for the first time. It’s designed to accelerate the transition from a frenetic hustle to a scaled but still growing business that isn’t totally dependent on its founders

  • As part of the programme, you and your senior team will be equipped with the mindsets, tools, knowledge and practical help needed to 10X your business, all overlaid on a systematic, step-by-step process to build the foundations for scale

  • The programme runs over two years and offers standard support, plus customised support based on your priorities


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