Bevan Ducasse

wiGroup was named the FNB Business Innovator of the Year 2016 – demonstrating a trajectory of exponential innovation, from its start as a wallet to its current standing as an international platform that enables point-of-sale trade.


Ducasse embodies entrepreneurship and is passionate about building a significant company that embraces disruptive thinking and scale. Not unlike the FNB Business culture, he rewards and empowers a team of remarkable people who bring the business to life. The decision-making process and the habits of the organisation are all supportive of testing and driving improvements and new efficiencies.


The awards not only recognised Ducasse for his innovation in driving business growth, it also credited him and his company for their potential to scale through the Endeavor network.


Ducasse attended the prestigious Endeavor ISP in Boston in September 2016, courtesy of FNB Business and SWISS International Airlines. As an Endeavor Entrepreneur, he gained access to a global network of founders as well as access to a pool of mentors comprising influential business leaders, and an advisory board to help him achieve his business goals.


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