Bruce Morgan

South African CRM software provider, GreatSoft, impressed the 2015 BIA judges’ panel –  earning them the title of FNB Business Innovator of the Year 2015.


GreatSoft is a provider of internally developed customer relationship management systems for tax management, document management, billing and payroll for financial professionals.


The developmental strides made by CEO Bruce Morgan toward realising the company’s ambition of global expansion are a testament to the power of the awards to propel winners towards the achievement of their business goals.


Winning the FNB Business INNOVATION Awards 2015 offered the business more than the opportunity for expansion; it afforded momentum for the owners and management, and changed their perceptions of what is achievable. Being flown to San Francisco in 2015 afforded Morgan the opportunity to network with judges and fellow entrepreneurs from around the world, gaining insights into the global market into which the business hoped to expand.


The results have been a shift in goals from doubling over two years to tripling over four to five years, the staff headcount has grown from 55 to 75, and the group’s combined revenues were 40% higher in 2016 than only a year before.


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